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In the 15 century a nun found a spring emitting a severe smell. She began to use its water to treat animals, later people. At that time the Nunnery, as well as the Padina castle, belonged to Padina feudatory. The castle standing at the foot of the stream was connected with the Nunnery by an underground corridor. It was used to take stubborn nuns to the Castle and punish them there. For a long time, this sulphureous spring belonged to Padina feudatory.  

1669 -1825


Florian Florin and Marija Marugg became the spring owners.



In an old chronicle, we can read that ‘’once famous Serneus Resort is functioning again”.


1816 and 1819

Father and son Jann renovated the resort and years later sold it to Andreas Geroll.



Chur town doctor Eblin wrote a tractate, devoted to the history of Serneus sulphureous spring, ,,an important nature gift’’. Only a few steps from the hotel there was a 20-bathtub convalescent home. At that time up to 20 People could stay at the hotel. The spring water was running through a 3-inch pipe into a regular well, from where it was pumped for heating.


A. Geroll reconstructed the buildings in 1836, and the owner, H. Stiefler, built a new building. 1846-1857 Doctor Thomas expanded the convalescent home. It had 400 to 500 visitors. 1853 Doctor A.v. Planta published scientific data about the medical effect of Serneus spring.


1869-1871 Bad Serneus was run by Dr. Thomas nephew. 


1871-1877 Bad Serneus was sold to J. Gredig.


1886-1898 Klosters resort started flourishing: large new hotel buildings were built. 

In 1886 P. Mettier-Tuffli built a new Serneus and in 1898 renovated the connecting part.

After the renovations aFlood in Ausserpratigau brought damage to the Hotel Bad Serneus.


During World War II, Bad Serneus was closed down. In 1943-1944, an internment camp was established. The buildings were cared and ruined. After the War H. C. Andersen demolished the eastern building of bathtubs and built a new one. All the baths were called up for a new life and the Resort flourished for a few more decades.  



Joint Stock Company was established and architect Kaspar Veber became its shareholder. He renovated the old house and in 1978 built an indoor swimming pool which uses the famous sulphurous spring water.



The Landquart river flood brought big damage to Bad Serneus: equipment of both swimming pool and heating systems was ruined, buildings were damaged and the surroundings destroyed.

2006 - 2017


A foreign family from Lithuania – Laima and Sigitas Godelis became the new owners of Bad Serneus. By the end of the year, the hotel, as well as the swimming pool started functioning again. In 2007, a new spacious complex of saunas and Raclete cellar was opened.



The Family Bulat bought the Hotel Bad Serneus with plans of development and prosperity.

Badstrasse 16

7249 Serneus


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