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Our story begins in the 15th century when a nun in the village of Serneus found a spring that gave off a strong smell. She began to use the water to treat animals, and later humans. At that time the nunnery and the Padina Castle belonged to the Padina Feudatory. The castle at the foot of the stream was connected by an underground corridor to the nunnery that used to be in the valley. This sulphurous spring has long been part of Padina's feudalism.

1820-1915 A rubble destroyed the bathroom and so the owner, H. Stiefler renovated it and built a new building.

1846-1857, Doctor Thomas expanded the convalescent home. The bath had 400 to 500 visitors.

1853 Doctor Av Planta published scientific data on the medicinal effects of the Serneus spring water. The Klosters Resort began to flourish in 1886-1898: the large new hotel building was built.

1942 Bad Serneus was closed during the Second World War. An internment camp was set up in 1943-1944.

The buildings were destroyed by the war and floods. After the war, HC Andersen tore down the eastern bathtub building and built a new one. A new life was breathed into all of the bathrooms and the resort continued to flourish for several decades.

1975-1976 A stock corporation was founded and the architect Kaspar Veber became its shareholder. He renovated the old house and built an indoor swimming pool in 1978 using the famous sulphurous spring water.

2005 The Landquart flood caused great damage to Bad Serneus: the swimming pool and the buildings were damaged and the area destroyed. 2006 A family from Lithuania - Laima and Sigitas Godelis - became the new owners of Bad Serneus. Both the hotel and the pool were working again at the end of the year.

In 2007 a new spacious complex of saunas and raclete cellar was opened.

2017 The Bulat family bought the Hotel Bad Serneus with development and prosperity plans.


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