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34 degrees warm sulfur bath

Our 124 m2 swimming pool is filled with water from a sulfur mineral spring.

For several centuries the water has been used to treat chronic arthritis, rheumatism, osteochondrosis and nervous diseases.

We offer underwater and air massages to help you relax. The combination of exercise and water procedures will help your body restore energy.

Our water is very good for your health, its mineral elements are of crucial importance for the metabolism.


Spa & Wellness

100 m2 spa and wellness area

Relax in our 100 m2 spa with sauna and steam bath. After a swim, refresh yourself with cold water from a tub.

For those who find the heat uncomfortable, we have a heated bench that gives the same results but in a slower process.

Let your body feel contrasts!

Don't forget to drink our famous mineral water as your body will lose a lot of fluids in the baths!

Mineralbad & Spa: Amenities
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